Hebrew language software – How to maximize your learning

If you want to learn Hebrew fluently and to an advanced level then an online Hebrew course will provide you with one of the best platforms to achive this. However, online courses don't suit all, and many students prefer to learn using Hebrew language software, you can still achieve fluency with this approach; it just takes a lot more focus if you want to achieve your goal. 

hebrew language software

Here are a few things you can do to maximize your learning, when using Hebrew language software:

Weekly Study Schedule

Schedule your weekly lesson times, it is better to stick to the same routine, as your brain is optimized to receive information. I would recommend at least three lessons per week, each lesson should be no less than one hour no more than two; your brain will only absorb and retain so much information in one sitting. 

Review your notes

As well as having scheduled sessions, it is always vital to review your lesson notes (Always take notes, bullet points will do fine). This does not have to be a detailed review, if you are having a coffee take out your notes and glance over them for 15 mins, do this as often as you can, this helps to refresh and retain your previous lessons. 

Build on solid basics

Most courses will have a beginner to upper intermediate or advanced learning plan, mastered each level before moving to the next; it is human nature to want to jump ahead, but believe me when learning a language like Hebrew, this is not something that you want to do.

Set Goals

Setting reasonable goals is a good way to push yourself. You should set yourself a time limit for each level of proficiency, be realistic; as a beginner learning to speak Hebrew it will take you maybe 3 – 4 months maybe more depending on your learning ability before you are ready to move from beginner to Intermediate. I can't stress enough the importance of been realistic about the goals you set; we don't all learn the same, nor do we all have the same time available in which we can devote to study. Go to your own plan (But have a plan) whatever is comfortable for you it is not a race but you want to get past the finish line.

Focus on things that you like

Once you have come to terms with the fundamentals of Hebrew, you should try to immerse yourself in the language by reading Hebrew books, listen to Hebrew music, and watching Hebrew TV, on subject matter that interests you; be it music, art, cars etc., this makes the learning curve a lot more relevant and certainly more fun.

Be prepared for off days

Some days you will feel as if you are going nowhere, you just cannot seem to retain the lesson information. Don’t worry this happens. Simply change tack for the scheduled lesson, and take some time and go over earlier lessons and exercises that you have already mastered, this is a good way to jog the brain and get your mojo back.

Love your mistakes

Don't worry about making mistakes, at least not when you are starting out, it's par for the course, what really matters is just speaking, not whether you use all the right words, or get pronunciation bang on (But as I said you should have each level mastered before moving on),

If you have a native speaker to help with your studies ask him or her to point out your mistakes and to correct them, embrace and love your mistakes learn from them.

Have fun!

Learning Hebrew takes commitment and dedication, and this is even more so when learning using Hebrew language software but that doesn't mean you can't have fun. Make the learning experience personal, absorb yourself in the language by making it relevant and  tying it to your interests. The path is long and there are many obstacles on the road but the journey is fun, and at the end you will be able to speak one the oldest and most historic languages on the planet.