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eTeacher are one of the leading online Hebrew language providers. Classes are instructed by Israeli professors from the country’s best universities and Israeli certified instructors, who are specifically qualified to teach Hebrew as a second language.eTeacher use an immersion approach to teaching, lessons are in Hebrew only, regardless of the class's level or students' background.

So how do you learn Hebrew with eteacher?

eTeacher’s system gives you all the advantages of classroom-based learning without the hassle of actually been physically present. Lesson content is delivered by voice, video, and "shared whiteboard" technology. Live video enables the student to see the teacher during the lesson, and the teacher can see every student who has a web cam (optional). Teacher and students speak using the microphones on their PC headsets. A typical class has one instructor and six to eight students; you also have the option of 1-1 learning if you don't want to learn with other students.However, I advise that you learn with other students, you will get a lot more from your course this way. 

Every lesson includes assessments, drills, and comprehension checkpoints. After each lesson, students are required to complete pre-assigned homework exercises from the workbooks.

Ease of Use:

Students can login from the comfort of their home, office, or anywhere really, using a unique username and password. Once you attend classes, your online instructor will take care of the actual learning process and the pace of the class. The course structure follows a natural progression, which takes you from beginner to advanced level. However, as with any online language course you have to be committed to attending classes and completing the required course work.

Learning Features:

  • Weekly personal session: a personal online meeting with the teacher during which the student can ask questions or seek clarification about the course material.
  • Forum: A 24/7 Question and Answer forum for students to post inquiries and receive replies about course-related issues.
  • Homework check-up: Homework is checked by staff members and returned to the student via email or eTeacher's LMS (Learning Management System). In some cases, homework answers are also available for download.
  • Textbooks and workbooks: Course materials are sent by post to students before the commencement of the course. Visit Website

Program Information and pricing:

There are no prices listed on the eTeacher website but depending on the course and package you choose you could pay anywhere from between $500 to $1000. This may seem expensive but if you were to pay for a home tutor for a year the price would be a lot more. Requesting course pricing information is straight forward, simply enter the course details, your email address, and a contact number, you will receive a confirmation email, and a support agent will ring you back within minutes to provide you with all the information that you require.

There are different starting levels to choose from; six for adults and two for Kids. Each lesson is taught live, and you will learn to speak, read, and write Hebrew, step by step, within the framework of cultural topics, Hebrew literature, live discussions and more.

The Hebrew courses available are an academic year or school year in duration and you will need to attend scheduled classes and do course work between lessons. They do however have the option of Self-study courses, which allow you to adapt to a schedule that best suits your lifestyle and you still avail of all the tools and resources. The self-study courses again are based on 12 month curriculums so you will need to be not only committed but also self-motivated if want to get the best from the program.


You get a real immersion in the Hebrew language and Israeli culture

Top rate language instructors

Personal touch and dedication from eteacher instructors and staff


No choice to do shorter courses – All courses are one year or an academic year 

No price listings on website.

Help & Support:

Support staff work 24/7, and are always on hand to resolve any problem that you might encounter.


eTeacher online Hebrew courses really are for people who are serious about learning the language. eTeacher ain’t cheap so to make the most of your investment and get the most from your course you will need to be committed to attending classes for the best part of a year. However, if you do attend classes and complete the required course work; you will learn to speak Hebrew with fluency. Visit Website


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